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B7-33 Nasal Spray


B7-33 Nasal Spray demonstrates potential benefits in promoting cognitive function, supporting neuroprotection, and potentially aiding in the management of neurological conditions.


15ml Nasal Spray contains 4mg B7-33

30ml Nasal Spray contains 8mg B7-33

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B7-33 Nasal Spray Germany

B7-33 nasal spray peptide is a single-chain peptide derived from H2-relaxin, a crucial water-soluble protein. This nasal spray retains its sedative properties without affecting cAMP synthesis. Excitingly, the stimulation of ERK1/2 phosphorylation by B7-33 peptide boosts MMP2 synthesis and collagen degradation.

In addition to h2 relaxin the relaxin protein family encompasses relaxin, insulin-like peptide 3, H3-relaxin, and insulin-like peptide 5.

In animal studies this peptide has demonstrated various musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and reproductive effects of insulin-related proteins.

According to active research, B7-33 nasal spray peptide offers several unique benefits for a number of medical conditions. It can reduce fibrinolysis in acute and chronic diseases and holds promise as a treatment for cardiovascular diseases, thereby preventing cardiac injury-related scarring.

B7-33 Nasal Spray Benefits Germany

Anti-inflammatory and wound healing qualities.

Relaxin receptors exhibit diverse activities beyond their conventional functions. Along with cAMP, corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), insulin-like peptides, and GLP-1, orexin and GLP-1 have also shown the ability to activate these receptors.

Recent clinical studies have revealed that these activators possess remarkable anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and wound-healing effects. Consequently, H2 relaxin has emerged as the primary ligand for these receptors. Furthermore, these substances exhibit potent anti-fibrotic properties.

In an intriguing clinical trial conducted Relaxin has been identified as a vasodilator, a stimulant of blood vessel development, and an antihypertensive. Remarkably, these crucial roles make Relaxin a promising candidate for the treatment of acute heart failure and other fibrotic diseases.

Reduction of Scar Tissue

Studies reveal that B7-33 Peptide exhibits a noteworthy ability to reduce excessive scar formation following cardiac injury. Additionally, its potential in the treatment of vascular diseases and preeclampsia during pregnancy is quite promising.

Decreased fibrosis

Germany B7-33 demonstrates remarkable anti-fibrotic effects, making it a focal point of research for acute and chronic conditions like heart failure, lung inflammation, and renal disease.

Notably, in clinical trials B7-33 peptide represents a ground-breaking advancement in the treatment of heart failure in animals, leading to prolonged survival post-injury and long term enhanced life quality.

There is also the option Germany to buy B7-33 Peptide Vial and B7-33 Pre Mixed Pen.


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B7-33 HPLC Certificates

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