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AOD9604 Peptide Vial


Clinical research has shown AOD-9604 to have the following potential benefits:

  • Fat-burning properties
  • Can induce weight loss
  • Calorie burn is increased
  • Fat synthesis is induced
  • Enhances metabolic function
  • It prevents the conversion of non-fat foods to body fat
  • Neither blood sugar levels nor tissue growth is adversely affected.
  • May aid in bone and cartilage repair, particularly when combined with BPC 157.

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AOD9604 Peptide Vial Germany

AOD9604 Peptide Vial, or Anti Obesity Drug as it is also known, is a modified form of the 176-191 peptide HGH fragment and is a human growth hormone derivative (HGH). Initially developed as a lipolytic (fat burning) substance, AOD 9604 showed effectiveness in heart disease, cartilage/arthritis rehabilitation and metabolic syndrome studies with few adverse effects. It is commonly known for its fat reducing effects.

AOD 9604 increases lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis (the breakdown and destruction of fat) in Germany animal studies. 15 amino acids: 176-191 from the GH polypeptide have been used to produce AOD 9604.

Anti obesity drug is more commonly known as AOD 9604. People who need to control or maintain a certain weight or those with overweight or obesity use this product. Most Germany individuals use AOD9604 to build their muscle mass. It works by mimicking the primary function of the human growth hormone HGH in the control and regulation of fat metabolism.

Individuals in clinical trials have suggested they did not suffer from side effects. Also, AOD 9604 does not cause any changes in body composition. The consumption of aod 9604 hasn’t presented any issues related to immunogenicity meaning that it’s well-tolerated by the human organism.

Among all the users, there are no cases of allergy as well as lousy tolerance. Individuals can also use aod 9604 as a food supplement since it has the ability to stimulate lipolysis.

AOD9604 peptide vial has shown through research the potential impacts to repair muscle and cartilage, and in most cases, it is used in osteoarthritis treatment, with few adverse effects.

Germany Research has suggested aod 9604 peptide is more effective than aod9401 since it abilities to burn fat cells or lipolytic as well as anti-lipogenic activity.

Just like other growth hormones, AOD 9604 anti-obesity drug, or peptide therapy can stimulate lipolysis, which is the destruction or breakdown of body fats and prevents the transformation of fatty food material into body fats. Germany Research suggests that AOD9604 peptide vial can induce weight loss in the abdominal area in both over-weight, obese and the average built people.

AOD9604 Peptide Vial Benefits Germany

Weight loss

AOD 9604 has been shown to have a significant fat-burning capacity without eliciting an appetite for food, it stimulates fat cells degradation and oxidation in a non-HGH receptor-mediated manner; therefore it can aid in the reduction of abdominal fat stores when combined with a balanced diet.

Germany AOD9604 peptide vial stimulates lipolysis, the process by which fat is broken down or destroyed. additionally restricts lipogenesis (the transformation of non fat food materials into body fat), with no known effect on blood sugar levels.

Bone and cartilage repair

Besides its fat-burning and weight loss abilities, research indicates that this peptide may also be used to treat osteoarthritis and enhance cartilage and bone repair.

AOD9604 peptide vial injections straight into arthritic joints have been shown to help alleviate pain, improve quality of life, and reduce disability in rats. In addition, Germany clinical examinations indicate that AOD 9604 therapy effectively reduces joint dysfunction and may be used both preventively and therapeutically.

Reduce risk of heart disease

Additionally, there is evidence that AOD 9604 may reduce the risk of developing heart disease directly. While fat loss is a factor, scientists believe it is also because of how this peptide affects the metabolism with little side effects.

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Sequence: Leu-Arg-Ile-Val-Gln-Cys-Arg-Ser-Val-Glu-Gly-Ser Cys Gly Phe-Tyr

Molecular Formula: C70-1,2,N2302362

Molecular Weight: 1817.116


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